L4artiste -When photography becomes a means of cultural empowerment

Awarded as Instagram “Account of the Year” at the Maroc Web Awards, the creative photographer behind L4artiste, aims to elevate the Moroccan culture and to bring all the prejudices to an end. How? Through his art. As I firmly believe that artists have a great power to change or influence any existing condition, I got curious … Continue reading L4artiste -When photography becomes a means of cultural empowerment

Secret Venice 

“All that surrounds me is dignified – a grand venerable work of combined human energies, a noble monument not of a ruler, but of people.” J.W. von Goethe. With these words the German writer and poet, was defining Venice, during his Italian journey in the 18th Century. Well, after thousands of years, I had the … Continue reading Secret Venice 

Summer dreams 

Finally it’s that time of the year when we start feeling young wild and free, fresh and renewed, ready to conquer the beaches of the world, getting rid of the thousands of clothes that covered us during the long winter months. Yeah, it’s not always that perfect, but true that summer brings that dreamy and … Continue reading Summer dreams