Fashion Talents

Alexandra Moura and the Portuguese artistry

We are used to consider the four fashion cities Milan, Paris, London, New York as the main sources of trends and talents. They are viewed like the moving engine of the world of designers, photographers, fashionistas and all those ones who embody fashion. Obviously people need a landmark to be guided and oriented to what… Continue reading Alexandra Moura and the Portuguese artistry

Fashion Talents

Michael Pretolani: the master of oddity

The first thing that caught my attention in this extraordinarily eccentric man is the way he can match different textures, patterns, colors, maintaining an own personal style without looking strange. In everything he wears there's class and exquisite style. A rare quality not everybody has, called "personal taste". This is what distinguishes fashion icons from… Continue reading Michael Pretolani: the master of oddity

Fashion Diary

Haute couture, Fall 2015: the fashion fable

The couture week is that moment of the year when the magic of fashion reaches its highest levels. Each collection is a leap into an unreachable, ethereal, heavenly world where beauty rules and makes everybody dream, where there's no pain, no troubles, no evil, just peace. Almost a utopia, an unreal temporary place built up… Continue reading Haute couture, Fall 2015: the fashion fable

Fashion Diary

The gentlewoman

Thinking about women in the old times is as frustrating as it is seeing what many women are nowadays: either completely squeezed in unbearable corsets and thousands of metres of fabrics or totally naked. I hate both of these cultural evolutions in the women's wardrobe. The first one because it is a social obligation, the… Continue reading The gentlewoman

Fashion Talents

Label2: the art of fashion

Discovering new ways of expression is always an exciting  and satisfying experience. Writing about people who draw these experiences from everyday life turning them into art, gives even better feelings. A sort of admiration and esteem. That's what  an incredible fashion couple generated in me and that's why I'm now sharing with you my point… Continue reading Label2: the art of fashion

Fashion Talents

Jona Sees: the fashion alchemist

I constantly affirm that fashion isn't only a business and a source of trends, or better to say,it shouldn't be. Clothes have always had an incredible importance in society, but most of all in mirroring the self and it's multiple facets. It is like painting, sculpting, singing, acting. Each form of art is an emotional,… Continue reading Jona Sees: the fashion alchemist

Fashion Talents

Andrea Lazzari: the man of contrasts

I sometimes wonder about innovation and how could it be defined. I see many trying to get out something astonishing from their minds and I come to the conclusion that one should cautiously interpret the gap between creativity and banalty,which is almost intangible. Only the few who have a spark of inventiveness can turn their… Continue reading Andrea Lazzari: the man of contrasts

Fashion Diary

L’altroSport: one store, two souls

Femininity and sportsmanship give life to L'altroSport, a place for those who combine fashion and comfort, style and simplicity, a store full of energy, vitality and womanliness. A concept characterized by the love for outdoor activities, freshness and contemporaneity. So if you're looking for something which could reflect your most lively and ironic part,this store… Continue reading L’altroSport: one store, two souls

Photography Talents

Rodica Oprea and her intimate vision of photography

Reality is sometimes intolerably vague and unintelligible, chaotic and monotonous,the biggest mistery in our lives. Nevertheless there's something which rocks the boat and unearths the hidden: imagination. It is inexplicable,because it's a personal and unique feeling, a way to protect ourselves and take refuge in an invented (better) world. That's why everybody has a secret… Continue reading Rodica Oprea and her intimate vision of photography