Fashion Talents

Robert Rodgriguez – Timeless sophistication

The most beautiful thing in a woman is not her body, but the way she accepts it. Confidence and self esteem turn you into a desirable and admirable woman, not your long legs. That's the reason why I love brands where I can find those timeless and sophisticated pieces which give a powerful and strong… Continue reading Robert Rodgriguez – Timeless sophistication

Fashion Talents

A denim talk with Ksenia Schnaider

Have you ever thought what life would be without denim? I'm 99% sure that all those times you didn't know how to feel at ease and be stylish at once, denim saved you. Timeless, democratic, irreplaceable, denim is a "must" since decades and like any other staple, it has been revisited in million ways. Among… Continue reading A denim talk with Ksenia Schnaider

Daily Inspirations

Summer dreams 

Finally it's that time of the year when we start feeling young wild and free, fresh and renewed, ready to conquer the beaches of the world, getting rid of the thousands of clothes that covered us during the long winter months. Yeah, it's not always that perfect, but true that summer brings that dreamy and… Continue reading Summer dreams