Daily Inspirations

#DailyInspiration – Brown shades

I’m finally feeling autumn’s atmosphere, but I still don’t know if I like it or not. It’s grey and cold, but it’s also full of colors and it’s the perfect time to relax at home, watching your favorite series and drinking the first hot chocolates of the season. You can’t show off with fluttering dresses,… Continue reading #DailyInspiration – Brown shades

Daily Inspirations

#DailyInspiration – Red

In the last few days I’ve been often inspired by interior designs for my looks, probably because fashion and design are deeply intertwined and both very close to our everyday’s routine. Let’s say that fashion dresses people, design dresses our home. Today my imaginary home is dressed in Red.


HALF, the new project by Cuatro Cuatros for Missana

Half, inspired by Japanese aesthetics and the Gestalt psychology (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts), is the new oak wooden chair designed by Cuatro Cuatros' creatives. Half semi circular legs shaped in "halves" and seat perfectly complement each other and they end up creating a full circle when placed next to each… Continue reading HALF, the new project by Cuatro Cuatros for Missana