Fashion Talents

Robert Rodgriguez – Timeless sophistication

The most beautiful thing in a woman is not her body, but the way she accepts it. Confidence and self esteem turn you into a desirable and admirable woman, not your long legs. That's the reason why I love brands where I can find those timeless and sophisticated pieces which give a powerful and strong… Continue reading Robert Rodgriguez – Timeless sophistication

Fashion Talents

A denim talk with Ksenia Schnaider

Have you ever thought what life would be without denim? I'm 99% sure that all those times you didn't know how to feel at ease and be stylish at once, denim saved you. Timeless, democratic, irreplaceable, denim is a "must" since decades and like any other staple, it has been revisited in million ways. Among… Continue reading A denim talk with Ksenia Schnaider

Daily Inspirations

Coat mania for Missoni Pre-Fall 2018

The power of colors has always been a staple for this company. Colors reflect our personalities, passions and views. They create a memory box in our minds, that we bring with us forever: joy, sadness, repulsiveness or attraction, colors can generate millions of reactions and can become fundamental in our lives. Missoni is a top… Continue reading Coat mania for Missoni Pre-Fall 2018