Fashion Talents

Beaufille, finesse Canadienne

Synonym for refinement and high class handmade luxury, this ready- to-wear and accessory line launched by two canadian sisters Parris and Chloé Gordon, is the perfect representation of elegance and stylishness. Oversized layers, bell bottoms, natural and technical, soft and rigid fabrics live together and create super chic contrasts for a sophisticated woman. In fact… Continue reading Beaufille, finesse Canadienne

Fashion Talents

Rejina Pyo and her architectural fashion world

Fashion and architecture. Is that possible? I mean, how could you bound clothes to constructions? Actually it's not such a strange connection, it can create idiosyncratic effects, but avant-garde without any doubt. This Korean London based designer has found the perfect formula by adding her passion for modern art and architecture to her creations.  In… Continue reading Rejina Pyo and her architectural fashion world

Fashion Talents

Mansur Gavriel-Handmade minimalism

2012. Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel give birth to their New York designed and Italian-made brand. Main items are the bags, maybe the most beloved accessories by women. A bag can turn the saddest girl into the most thrilled lady of the world, that's why the mantra behind Mansur Gavriel's creations is: "happy girl, happy… Continue reading Mansur Gavriel-Handmade minimalism

Fashion Diary

The suit invasion

Women are living a strange and radical era of changes, evolution and revolution. On one hand we have reached total empowerment, completely free of restrictions and any kind of social discrimination. On the other hand we still have to fight against some clichès and prejudices which have been attributed to us for centuries. Where is… Continue reading The suit invasion

Fashion Talents

Moto Guo, childish innocence for insightful fashion

Fashion is a means of narration. It is an unconventional way to transform experiences,feelings and emotions into clothes we can wear and therefore fully express ourselves. It's not an easy task giving life to wearable stories, but that's what Moto Guo, a young malaysian designer, easily does every day. With skill and mastery he shapes… Continue reading Moto Guo, childish innocence for insightful fashion

Fashion Talents

ZDDZ London and the social issues designed by Dasha Selyanova

Humans live in a world  of insecurities, destabilisation and disintegration which are the result of the relations between different cultures, mentalities, theories, desires; the longing for hegemonies and the victory of power over weakness, transform people into invisible identities. Generally speaking, everybody is becoming a one-of-the-many and even if we are often reassured of our… Continue reading ZDDZ London and the social issues designed by Dasha Selyanova

Fashion Talents

Alexandra Moura and the Portuguese artistry

We are used to consider the four fashion cities Milan, Paris, London, New York as the main sources of trends and talents. They are viewed like the moving engine of the world of designers, photographers, fashionistas and all those ones who embody fashion. Obviously people need a landmark to be guided and oriented to what… Continue reading Alexandra Moura and the Portuguese artistry

Fashion Talents

Michael Pretolani: the master of oddity

The first thing that caught my attention in this extraordinarily eccentric man is the way he can match different textures, patterns, colors, maintaining an own personal style without looking strange. In everything he wears there's class and exquisite style. A rare quality not everybody has, called "personal taste". This is what distinguishes fashion icons from… Continue reading Michael Pretolani: the master of oddity

Fashion Talents

Jillian Boustred on the relation between fashion and painting

"Fashion for me is an artistic expression and an opportunity for creativity. There are so many aspects of the fashion industry from the technical elements of garments, print and textiles to styling and fashion photography. It's a really creative and expressive place to be and I think fashion is something that should be enjoyed and… Continue reading Jillian Boustred on the relation between fashion and painting

Fashion Talents

Jona Sees: the fashion alchemist

I constantly affirm that fashion isn't only a business and a source of trends, or better to say,it shouldn't be. Clothes have always had an incredible importance in society, but most of all in mirroring the self and it's multiple facets. It is like painting, sculpting, singing, acting. Each form of art is an emotional,… Continue reading Jona Sees: the fashion alchemist