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#DailyInspiration- Cult Gaia

If you go to the website and read the manifesto, you'll clearly see what's behind Cult Gaia's essence: a belief in sustainability, details, minimalism and magic. Everything is designed with the aim to create timeless pieces, that exhale effortless femininity and essential luxury. "Perfection is imperfect, as nature dictates" Go and check the Cult Gaia… Continue reading #DailyInspiration- Cult Gaia

Fashion Talents

5 minutes with Rémi de Laquintane

Many say women are pickier than men when it comes to fashion, which is actually a matter of fact, they just want everything, also the unnecessary. If we look better though, there’s the other side of the coin too, the percentage of women who understand that sometimes, less is (really) more! Actually you don’t need… Continue reading 5 minutes with Rémi de Laquintane

Fashion Talents

Demanumea – When a bag becomes a masterpiece 

“Our uniqueness is the most precious gift we have. The only way to be different is to be unique.” This is how DEMANUMEA describes itself. The only company in the world creating artbags, all fruit of collaborations with artists like painters, sculptors, goldsmiths, who customize them and turn them into irreplaceable masterpieces. The heart of these… Continue reading Demanumea – When a bag becomes a masterpiece 

Fashion Talents

Jillian Boustred on the relation between fashion and painting

"Fashion for me is an artistic expression and an opportunity for creativity. There are so many aspects of the fashion industry from the technical elements of garments, print and textiles to styling and fashion photography. It's a really creative and expressive place to be and I think fashion is something that should be enjoyed and… Continue reading Jillian Boustred on the relation between fashion and painting

Fashion Talents

Label2: the art of fashion

Discovering new ways of expression is always an exciting  and satisfying experience. Writing about people who draw these experiences from everyday life turning them into art, gives even better feelings. A sort of admiration and esteem. That's what  an incredible fashion couple generated in me and that's why I'm now sharing with you my point… Continue reading Label2: the art of fashion

Fashion Diary


Fashion is not only banal and conformist beauty, perfection or fairness, but as a form of art,fashion is much more than this... it implies oddity, inexplicable sensations and different ways of thinking and creating. We see in this society an increasing materialism and conformism which destroys all our values and the uniqueness which distinguishes each… Continue reading #thoughts

Fashion Talents

Andrea Lazzari: the man of contrasts

I sometimes wonder about innovation and how could it be defined. I see many trying to get out something astonishing from their minds and I come to the conclusion that one should cautiously interpret the gap between creativity and banalty,which is almost intangible. Only the few who have a spark of inventiveness can turn their… Continue reading Andrea Lazzari: the man of contrasts

Photography Talents

Rodica Oprea and her intimate vision of photography

Reality is sometimes intolerably vague and unintelligible, chaotic and monotonous,the biggest mistery in our lives. Nevertheless there's something which rocks the boat and unearths the hidden: imagination. It is inexplicable,because it's a personal and unique feeling, a way to protect ourselves and take refuge in an invented (better) world. That's why everybody has a secret… Continue reading Rodica Oprea and her intimate vision of photography

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That’s me!

I'm Paolina. I'm not a fashion victim,I'm not a shopaholic,I'm not longing for fame. I'm a beauty seeker. I'm just addicted to fashion, to its cultural,artistic and historical roots,to its sociological development, to its strong influence on people's minds and attitudes,to that feeling that you have in front of a work of art: an inexplicable… Continue reading That’s me!