The suit invasion

Women are living a strange and radical era of changes, evolution and revolution. On one hand we have reached total empowerment, completely free of restrictions and any kind of social discrimination. On the other hand we still have to fight against some clichès and prejudices which have been attributed to us for centuries. Where is … Continue reading The suit invasion

Lavori in corso – Work in progress

Questa foto dovrebbe rappresentare l’inizio di un percorso nuovo, che in realtà è già iniziato. Solo che spesso si scelgono vie complicate, difficilmente praticabili, piene di ostacoli. Allora, affaticati, ci si ferma, si prende un respiro profondo e si ricomincia. Io ricomincio, innanzitutto, parlandovi nella mia lingua, l’italiano. Basta con questo ostentato inglese internazionale, apparentemente … Continue reading Lavori in corso – Work in progress

Ivory-Vintage&Luxury: a dream for each woman

It’s not just a boutique, a vintage shop where everything is somehow chaotically stuffed, where you just buy and quickly leave. Actually it’s the glorification of taste, conceived and run with dedication by two graceful and refined ladies, Vendela and Silvia, apparently different, but brought together by the same passion for high quality vintage fashion … Continue reading Ivory-Vintage&Luxury: a dream for each woman