912A3001-C3EE-4965-B8BC-F67567DFF870I’m Paolina. I’m not a fashion victim, I’m not a shopaholic, I’m not longing for fame. I’m a beauty seeker. I’m just addicted to fashion, to its cultural, artistic and historical roots, to its sociological development, to its strong influence on people’s minds and attitudes, to that feeling that you have in front of a work of art: an inexplicable bewildering excitement, which diminishes ourselves, but at the same time incourages us to experiment and find a personal way of expression, unique and unconventional. The main point of fashion is not being one of the many, confused in the crowd, unnoticeable. That’s an issue originated from this era of marketing strategies, which disrupts the natural artistic process of fashion. In fact, the most important thing people forget is the power of creation and invention. This possibility is given to all of us,someone absorbs it, others just underestimate it. My humble purpose here, in this blog, is to keep alive the art of fashion and by doing this, I’d love to spread works of new emerging talents, such as designers, photographers, stylists and those people who make the difference.

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