Nemsen – the future of Georgian fashion

I’m always trying to discover new talents to give voice to, and I’m happy to do it once again, this time with a Georgian fashion designer, Guga Nemsadze and his own brand Nemsen.

Here’s our short talk about his past, how the Georgian culture is important and what mark he hopes to leave in the future of fashion.

Enjoy and always #SupportTalentsOfTheFuture

1. Tell me about your background.

From the early age as far as I remember I used to love drawing, especially dresses, stilling barbie dolls
from my sister and reconstructing their cloths, making pillow cases and playing with my grandmothers
knitted jumpers, guess I was always fascinated by the structure and feel of the textile.
After a second year at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, I left to London to proceed with my studies attending a foundation course at the London college of art and the BA in fashion marketing in Central Saint Martins.
Worked afterwards with McQueen, David Koma, Paul Smith, and Tata Naka. I wanted to learn and gain as much experience as I could, as having my own brand was a lifetime goal and a dream.

2. How much of the Georgian culture is there in your creations?

I have spent half of my life in London, but Georgian roots have always been there. In every collection there is some Georgian background and
culture mixed with other inspirations and concepts.
I left Georgia when it was a hard time: there was no electricity or gas and most of all no place and time for
fashion, but nevertheless we had one fashion event that has helped so many designers to showcase their work locally and internationally, founded by Sofia Tchkonia who has played a huge role in developing and moving
Georgian fashion forward.

Photo by Chillaxing Road
Photo by Chillaxing Road
Photo by Chillaxing Road

3. What is your distinctive characteristic?

I like to work with complexed details and simple shapes and I like to blend few different concepts. Mostly my inspiration comes from different type of subjects that can be interpreted with many designs and techniques, I also take inspiration from my old work modifying and remodeling the
ideas into a cohesive complexed simplicity. Graphics and digital art play a huge part in the creative process.

4. What do you want to convey with your collections?

We would like and try to create pieces that can be worn in several occasions, for example a dress can be worn with boots or with trainers during the day or with flats for a night out or just a normal day. It must be something simple, sporty and comfy yet

5. For what would you like to be remembered?

I would love if our creations could generate feelings and emotions and be
remembered as the way we made you feel.

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