5 brands for an alternative bridal dress

Every time I imagine my ideal marriage, I see it on a beach, barefoot, wearing a simple dress, yet with some magic in it, surrounded by elegant flower installations and an idyllic banquet on the water. I think some of you imagine it more or less the same, minimal and uncomplicated.

Still many of the brands that propose wedding gowns focus on pompous, architectural, giant gowns, with thousands of metres of tulle and embroideries. They’re wonderful, but for someone like me, too much. As I think I’m not the only one, I found for you 5 brands with made to order and prét-a-porter collections, that offer versatile and multifaceted pieces that can be even reworn, like suits, outfits for the morning-after, minis for the dinner, looks for a civil ceremony, accessories and knits. Anything that can complete your wedding wardrobe, but your everyday outfits too.

Hope you’ll find the bridal outfit of your dreams!

Danielle Frankel

Danielle Frankel was established in 2017 in New York City. The bridal label is made to order, allowing each client to take part in the styling of their wedding wardrobe. Each collection is a continuation of the initial storyline of the brand. Danielle Frankel fosters craftsmanship, beautiful finishings and fabrications in each bridal style the label produces and supports the New York City garment district by producing exclusively in the United States.


The LEIN philosophy is that the life cycle of every exceptional outfit, even a wedding dress, should be more than one day. If a customer doesn’t see herself reflected back in LEIN’s pre-existing styles, the bespoke process will ensure just that. An intimate, one-on-one collaboration between the client and designer, the process of customization is one that Meredith is especially passionate about. And for brides-to-be it’s a unique opportunity to conjure up a look that feels distinctly their own.

Elise Hameau

Elise Hameau’s wedding dresses are inspired by the 20’s and the 70’s. She advocates a pure and sophisticated style, with a hint of nostalgia, plays with contrasts and creates a bridge between wedding and fashion, so that a bride may no longer be disguised. In the respect of traditional sewing all models are made in a Parisian atelier where expert hands create from Elise’s drawings. Apart the made to order collection, she also has a series of exquisite T-shirts, bombers, and accessories! Here’s the campaign of the last collection. I’m crazy in love with it!


Markarian is a luxury womenswear label by designer, Alexandra O’Neill. Named after a particularly radiant grouping of Galaxies, Markarian combines Alexandra’s love of the cosmos and celestial romanticism with timeless design and modern grace. These pieces are meant to be special, romantic, and ethereal reminding you of a moment in your life. Markarian is designed and manufactured in New York City with a belief in supporting the fine craftsmanship that the New York Garment Center offers. Along with the prét a porter collections, she designs bridal too.

And here’s what she narrates about the inspiration that comes from her childhood: “Growing up in rural Colorado, we had no neighbors for miles in any direction. When you would turn out the lights in the house and look out, all you would see was complete darkness and the light from the stars in the sky. If you looked long enough you would see at least one shooting star. The sky that I saw when I was young was infinite, and I loved that most about it. The magic that existed in my childhood from those moments, still inspires me. Perhaps that’s what drew me to focus on antiquities in college- the romantic notion of mythology and the human desire to create sense of the workings of the cosmos. I still pour over NASA’s blog, Lightyears, and follow their Instagram account devoutly.”

One day

Established in 2011, by Kyha who constantly pushes the boundaries of traditional bridal. She evolved from her personal experience as a bride tired of tulle and traditional gowns and endeavoured to create a brand that reflected her personal style. She wanted brides to have an alternative to a usual white dress and an unforgettable experience in the process. This Melbourne based designer, thanks to her eye for detail, innovation, stunning silhouettes and contagious personality, has helped many brides find the dress of their dreams.

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