4 noteworthy emerging menswear brands.

The world of emerging brands is overcrowded, everyday we see new collections and new designers, so how can we understand who has the power to be influential and have an impact on the fashion system? Probably there’s no rule to establish who will actually leave the mark, but for sure when a creative tries to change the status quo and revisit the standards, then the road to success is paved with victories.

Here I made a short selection of menswear brands from all over the world that, in my opinion, will reach the top.


“I first became obsessed with fashion when I discovered Stüssy at the age of 11, and since then fashion has always been the major part of my life,” Shikama says, describing himself as a “collectomaniac” of items such as Supreme camp caps, sneakers, vinyl, stamps, shirts, emblems, and posters. At the age of 25, in 2005, he opened a multibrand store in Harajuku, a fashionable neighborhood in Tokyo. This was the best place for the young Shikama to develop his taste, researching influences and laying the foundations for his first brand ( Advantage Cycle ) and afterwards for Children of Discordance in 2011.

“The simple repetition of being curious, doing research, and obtaining items led me to Mexico’s Zapatistas for bandanas and the Palestinian keffiyeh, which are are the main fairtrade-related materials we use. We also use a lot of embroidery,” Shikama says as an example. “I believe in paying full value to those embroidery craftsmen. It motivates them to do their best work as it brings them a better life. I never negotiate discounts with the domestic partners we create our collections with. I will continue to work as I do now. “

“For me, there is absolutely no room for compromise when pursuing better quality.”

MISTERGENTLEMAN, by Takeshi Osumi and Yuichi Yoshii

Since 2013, they have been showing their collections in various styles such as runway shows, image films and so on at Tokyo Fashion Week.
In 2018, they opend their store in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Their aim is to explore the horizon of “Basic”, by giving a touch of incongruities to the details, silhouettes and styling of the collections. Therefore they created a “post modern clothing” with a new way of interpreting the standards.

MTL STUDIO by Matteo Lamandini

He graduated as accountant in Modena but soon he realised that banking was not for him. For these reasons, he decided to attend the “Accademia Europea di Bologna” and then, to specialize better in this sector and started “Istituto Marangoni” in fashion design. After work experiences at MSGM and MARNI and after winning “Designer for tomorrow” contest, he started his own personal project and produced his real first collection SS16.

“My attention was daily captured by the details that distinguished the financial environment’s “uniforms”. I was often fantasizing about how to revolutionize and re-interpret in an ironic and modern key the classical and traditional nature of the colors characterizing these men always too rigid and strict “

QASIMI, by Khalid Qasimi

Qasimi is a London based menswear brand. It combines cultural inspirations and insightful narratives, giving importance to political, social and cultural topics.

Clothes are to be lived in

Khalid Qasimi is the Founder and Creative Director. Born in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates city on the Arabian Gulf, Qasimi moved to the United Kingdom and was raised there. Qasimi is a graduate of both Central Saint Martins and the Architectural Association.
Ever since the beginning, the designer has used his collections to express his views and his voice, weaving politics and poetry into his collections; deftly and delicately exploring subjects ranging from the strained relationship between the Middle East and the West, to his own life experiences. 

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