Awaytomars – the community’s brand

Have you ever imagined how fashion will be in the future? In a world of customers’ empowerment, will brands still need designers?

Engagement is key in the fashion world. Nowadays people want to feel part of this incredibly articulated and intriguing system, looking at it from the outside is not satisfying anymore. Shopping the latest trends of the favorite designers, is not what makes customers increase their sense of brand loyalty, they need more. Is something going to change? For Awaytomars this change is core. Here the only power that matters is the community’s, ideas come from anywhere, any age, continent or background, without any limits. The best ones get noticed and developed to a prototype and then to a final piece. What is surprising is that any idea can be co-created, so it means that all submitters can contribute to give feedback or even improve the designs themselves. The result is that the most successful ideas are produced and showcased at the Lisbon Fashion Week as the Awaytomars collection or are being created for collaborations like the ones with Melissa and Froot Loops. You would think now, “where’s the reward” ? Part of the profits of the designs that conclude the crowdfunding campaign will go to all those who contributed with the idea and that’s the concrete reward. What’s actually important in this project, is that people work together, share their passion and skills, with the aim to bring fashion to an other, more democratic, level: the community.
Fall/Winter 2018

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