Martina Nenna’s imperfect beauty

Women are mysterious and arduous planets, difficult to reach, hard to discover. Women are everything and giving a single definition of them is literally impossible. Art plays a fundamental role in this and throughout the centuries it portrayed millions of women’s faces in a million different ways but is there the right, perfect one? Are women perfect?

Imperfection is part of our nature, but this where beauty lies.

“When I was a little girl I was insecure and fragile, but as I grew up I learned how to fight my weakness and discovered my confident side. In my drawings I reflect these two aspects with water colors ( emotional ) and pen ( determined ). They’re always part of me”. When I met Martina Nenna she described herself through her works and seeing them I convinced me that they are a true reflection of her personality, free and strong. Screenshot_20181028-214656


“There are many excercises and techniques behind this freedom. Throughout the years my teachers pushed me to abandon the academic way of drawing, practising with the left hand, sketching a model after a 3 second pose and so on. I had to reveal my impulse”.  Martina’s teachers succeded in their purpose:  now she can sketch a portrait in less than one minute. It is impressive how she’s able to catch, in less than one minute, a woman’s soul.


What’s curious is that Martina is a future Fashion Design graduate, and she’s thinking which road she wants to follow, either accessories and shoes designer or, who knows, the arts. ” What I’am sure about is that I want to be remembered for the good person I was and not for what I did.”

I’m convinced she’ll stick in our minds for the great soul she reflects in her art.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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