ChillaxingROAD, the emotions’ photographer

I usually leave the question “ For what would you like to be remembered?” as last one, but to introduce this talent, I’m going to use it now.

His answer was: “As a person who gave and shared emotions”.

Well, I know Andrea Menin since last year and he already donated thousands of emotions.

I had the opportunity to work with a few photographers, but every time I shoot with Andrea I see true passion and devotion for this job. No matter what conditions, where, how and when, he’ll always find a moment for you and when he’s there with the camera in his hands he seems to be the happiest human being in the entire world.

So here’s the interview with the most passionate person I’ve ever met.

What is your background?

I was born in a small village town close to Padua, where I studied accounting, then joined military service and at the age of 22 I moved to Milan to work as a model and study acting. In the meantime I got a degree in Modern Literature and in the 2014 I founded ChillaxingROAD, so as a photographer I’m totally self taught.

How did your past influence your artistic growth?

All of my experiences, good or bad ones, first influence my personality and consequently my works. I’m a very curious person, so everything inspires me, a film, a book, architecture, music. Music especially. I have an ideal soundtrack for all the stories that I tell in my photos.


What pushed you to photography, street photography in particular?

Everything started casually. I really enjoyed taking photos at my friends’ weddings, just for fun. I liked the idea that my photos were the first ones they saw to relive their emotions. Everyone always loved my works and encouraged me to make a profession out of it. So it became and thanks to a reportage I did for Vogue Fashion Night in Milan, I discovered my passion for street photography.

There are a lot of street photographers, but your photos are authentic and recognisable. How do you differentiate yourself?

When I’m working, I’m immersed in a separate world. I’m overwhelmed by all the ideas and the stories I want to tell. I think this is the most important aspect, not just capturing a moment but telling a story. For example, I adore who can move my feelings with portraits, who can make me question what story is behind these eyes.

So what stories do you like telling the most?

Any moment that can be “stolen”, can somehow turn into a story, until it’s not set up and structured. I love the unexpected.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Creativity. Since I was a child I did a lot of sketches, I tried painting too, but with less success! My aim was to faithfully reproduce the reality, because I’ve always been impressed by those paintings that seemed photos. With photography I probably want to do what I couldn’t do with drawing.

You shoot mainly fashion. Why does it stimolate you so much? Would you like to test yourself in other fields?

Yes I shoot mainly streetstyle, because it’s very close to my idea of photography, but I’d find it very stimulating being a photo reporter, mingling in the crowd, “stealing” moments…

How long will the street phenomena last and how will it change in your opinion?

If we call it a “phenomena” it will inevitably someday fade away or evolve in something else. The street phenomena is deeply intertwined with the social networks and their communicative strength, so they will change and/or develop together.

Hope that what you read and saw gave you emotions too!

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