Alexus Sacco – Between music and fashion

Instagram. That’s how I discovered about PVLMS, the house music duo formed by Alexus and Frank and that’s how I started following their works, unique, authentic and innovative.
So I decided to learn more about them and have a small chat with Alexus, about her vision and the relationship with fashion.
1. Tell me more about yourself.
I am currently based in Dallas. I love art, music production, fashion, photography, and vlogging.
2. When did you start producing music?
I began producing music for fun in high school. It wasn’t until 2013 that I met Frank and we formed the duo PVLMS (“palms”).


3. What is your main inspiration?
I get a lot of inspiration from unique and vintage items. Musically, I am inspired by underground, lo-fi sounds.
4. The future of PVLMS. Where can we follow PVLMS?
PVLMS upcoming EP “Ain’t So” through Room Temp Records (based in LA) will be released very soon! We are currently working on a lot of material and are aiming on releasing another EP early 2019. We are also hoping to post some videos to our youtube channel.
You can find us on 
5. Can I call you a fashion influencer too?
I haven’t really openly identified with the label but I am not opposed to being called one! I am very passionate about morphing my interest of photography/film with my style.


6. Do you express yourself in music and fashion the same way? 
I believe that I do in some ways. Lately, I’ve been experiencing spontaneous bursts of creative energy that will lead me to pairing unique items together whether that be musically or with fashion. My hopes are to mature in both areas and stay authentic as possible.


7.What is the connection between your music and your style?
I love that I am able to express myself through both music and personal style. I enjoy having what I create – production and style wise – make a statement of how I am currently feeling. Wearing bolder pieces some days, making more downbeat music on others. It varies but there is definitely a consistency overall.
 8. For what would you like to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered for my authenticity – to myself, to others, within my style, and my artistic and musical creativity.

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