Coat mania for Missoni Pre-Fall 2018

The power of colors has always been a staple for this company. Colors reflect our personalities, passions and views. They create a memory box in our minds, that we bring with us forever: joy, sadness, repulsiveness or attraction, colors can generate millions of reactions and can become fundamental in our lives.

Missoni is a top of mind brand when we talk about knitwear and colors. They are masters in this, and this is how they’ve given birth to a new way of dressing, which nowadays has become iconic.

Looking at the latest collection they launched, the Pre-Fall 2018, I’ve noticed how deeply they’re embracing the contemporaneity. Innovative with sportswear inspired looks, comfortable with oversized coats, luxurious and at the same time essential with knitted multicolor suits and 70’s dresses. What made me fall in love with it? The coats: roomy, cozy, short or long, rectangular or wrapping, hooded, furry. Of all kinds for any kind of woman, for any occasion, for any color you are.

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