5 minutes with Rémi de Laquintane

Many say women are pickier than men when it comes to fashion, which is actually a matter of fact, they just want everything, also the unnecessary. If we look better though, there’s the other side of the coin too, the percentage of women who understand that sometimes, less is (really) more! Actually you don’t need to look like the Christmas tree, to create a strong outfit. I believe that just a few pieces can make your outfit classy and stylish and these are part of my rule of the “Three B”( blazer, blouse and a perfect bag) , something that you really can’t miss in your closet.

A brand which cherishes the ideal of esseantials is Laquintane, so I decided to have a short talk with the designer and discover his world of timeless basics.

Rémi, you gave birth to Laquintane, this year. A very young brand, but with a strong aesthetics behind it. Tell us more about your philosophy.
Before creating Laquintane, I first created Editions M.R, a masculine brand, where I learnt how to create a collection and develop a strong brand identity. I started very young I was 26, just after my master in Philosophy at the Sorbonne. I consider a brand as an eclectic platform to express myself through design, branding, fashion show, shop interior design, and now for Laquintane I am shooting all the images. Having an overview  gives a better interpretation of my vision.

Women are your main inspiration. What inspires you the most?

Women as an inspiration: singular and ambivalent, indipendent and sensitive, women that invent themselves freely.

Your collection is very minimal. Do you agree with the idea of “Less is more”?
I don’t necessarily need to add layers to get a strong effect, actually it is the opposite, more natural but with a sharp personality. I’m trying to give just the necessary so women can feel free wearing my clothes.

How is the “Laquintane” woman?

Self confident and naturally expressing herself through her body, age and mind. Seduction is then a consequence of her attitude.

What are the three must have items of your collection?

The belted mohair coat, the pink corduroy jacket and the navy high waisted pants.

Clic on the pic to shop!
Clic on the pic to shop!
Clic on the pic to shop!

Where do you see Laquintane in 10 years?

An essential in each woman’s wardrobe!

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