Summer dreams 

Finally it’s that time of the year when we start feeling young wild and free, fresh and renewed, ready to conquer the beaches of the world, getting rid of the thousands of clothes that covered us during the long winter months. Yeah, it’s not always that perfect, but true that summer brings that dreamy and paradisiac mood we don’t want to end.

As I start feeling temperature rising while I’m surrounded by trees of flowers shaken by the summery warm breeze, I immediately imagine my self diving into the ocean of some tropical places, getting the best treatments of the world, like in this almost utopian resort in Bali, the Fivelements, where you can enjoy integrative wellness rituals inspired by Balinese traditions, tailored just for you.

C’mon, this is beyond words.

But let’s go back on earth, for a second. If on heaven we can go around only dressed with leaves, on super fancy beaches we need to dress up a little, so here my selection of brands which just made me fall in love with each piece of their collections.

For Love And Lemons

In pole position, one of my favorite brands of the moment. Founded by two best friends, Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall, based in Los Angeles, it represents femininity at its best: rich of embroideries, laces, ruffles, colors and flowers, it is the highest explanation of summer freshness. Created for sexy, but also delicate women with strong personalities, who don’t want to just impress, but to be remembered. I personally adore all collections for this summer, the swimwear one, the ready to wear and the lingerie one, all versatile and easy to combine with each other. A fruity color explosion for all kind of tastes.

Lingerie collection

Swimwear collection

La Revêche

Now let’s go back to Italy. Designed and handmade in Sardinia, the “Italian Maldives”, La Revêche is without any doubt on my fav list. For charming and elegantly simple women, Sara Melis’ swimwear reminds, with its colors and flower chiffon applications, of the sea, the sun and nature of the island. Perfect to wear also as a piece of ready to wear, with skirts, shorts and denim….as you want, they would look perfect in any case.

Oseree Swimwear

An other Italian brand, this time founded by 3 women, with the same aim, to turn their swimwear into luxury pieces. For enigmatic, impressive and elegant women who like delicacy of details. Their three lines, Basic, Lumìere and Travaillè offer a multiple choice of simple but still wealthy looking bikinis and swimsuits. The one I love the most is enriched with black lace, intriguing and intimate at the same time.

So, we dreamt a little, but now let’s go and do some crazy shopping for this (hopefully but impossibly) endless summer!

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