Twins Florence, minimalism made in Italy

Grown up in the real “Made in Italy” spirit, the Tuscan designer Linda Calugi, after a graduation in architecture and several years working as a stylist, decided to found to a personal brand in partnership with her family’s leather manufacturer Mussardi spa, Twins Florence. Gist of her works is the focus on craftmanship, androgyny, silhouettes’ purity and textures’ mix. Linda’s ability in designing minimal, jaunty but still practical pieces combined with the professionalism of the artisans who materialize them, give life to unique and high-quality collections with an everlasting class.

The SS 2017 collection develops around the concept of Mimetis (“the ability of an organism to imitate an other in order to take advantage of it”) . Oversizes, stripes, extralong fringes, texture plays and leather next to fresh summery fabrics, creates elegant clashes and rule-breaks, and as things are not always what they seem, this makes them tangibly true.image-3image-2-1image-8image-6image-5image-1-1

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