TRINHBECX, color-power at the Amsterdam MBFW

The young Trinhbecx duo brought my excitement at the highest levels and fulfilled all my expectations. The A/W 2017 collection they presented during MBFW Amsterdam was just my favorite, without exceptions. The whole atmosphere was an energetic explosion, starting from the models, the music and the catwalk ending with the groundbreaking looks, which were all a result of different influences, such as sport, art, design and the 70’s vintage mood: audacious Alessandro Mendini’s chair hints are clearly predominant in all the outfits, but also elements from vintage cycling shirts, 2000’s pop music videos and medieval costumes. Apparently  all clashing details, but Tim Becx and Tung Trinh made a perfect show out of them.

Colors dominated the runway: some combinations were actually unexpectedly working, red and orange, brown, yellow and light blue, all used in a powerful, almost shocking way, which I really appreciated. Elements like flared trousers and sleeves, striped suits, corduroy next to patent leather, transparencies, exaggeratedly long sleeves, those exquisite miniskirts, created an image of a bold, playful but most of all powerful woman.

Alreadycan’t wait to see their next creations! Great job Trinhbecx



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