Paltò, “The Coat Factory”

Throwback to XIX Century, when the word paltò was still used to define that garment which has become through the years a symbol of timeless elegance: the coat.

“A paltò is not something you just wear: you have to use it respecting its distinctive features, characteristics able to inspire unique emotions to those who can enhance such qualities.” 

“Emotions” is the keyword: wearing something does not involve only utility, but also sensations. What you wear is what you are, or sometimes what you want to be. That’s why a garment should never be underestimated as something which just covers us. Please, no! Also a coat has emotions, the ones we give to it: is it a cosy, fluffy and warm envelope for the coldest and saddest days? Is it an elegant and sophisticated one for those days when you feel confident and ready to conquer the world? Or something romantic to conquer just your man/ girl? If you think about it, when you wear different coats you do have different feelings. That is the magical moment which connects humans to the fashion world.

There are some brands which are able to give life not only to pieces of fabric put together, but to exclusive creations full of history and innovation: Paltò is one of those few who can communicate sensations through metres of fabric.

A woman and a man line, let’s say both genderless with a hint of undeniable class.

With an accurate attention to handmade, tailoring and details they are reinterpreting the old values in a contemporary but still traditional way,offering an entirely made in Italy product by increasingly rare and skilled artisans. The young touch is combined with unique fabrics, as in the premium collection “Archivio” created in collaboration with some of the best mills like, Loro Piana, Harris Tweed  and Ferla. A guarantee.

Wishing long life to Made in Italy and to those who believe in it.

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