Beaufille, finesse Canadienne

Synonym for refinement and high class handmade luxury, this ready- to-wear and accessory line launched by two canadian sisters Parris and Chloé Gordon, is the perfect representation of elegance and stylishness.

Oversized layers, bell bottoms, natural and technical, soft and rigid fabrics live together and create super chic contrasts for a sophisticated woman. In fact the two designers are keyed into what their customers are actually going to wear. That’s why they’re so fonded on clean and minimal lines, as simplicity is always the easiest way to reach comfort and style.

Chloé has a background in textiles, knows how to mix and match perfectly different techniques and fabrics: she also applied a special way of treating wool to their Fall 2016 collection. A sweater and skirt made both with water soluble bags: what she did was gathering a pile of wool into a bag, embroidered on top of it over and over and merged it into a tub of water to dissolve the material. This is the “vulnerability and delicacy that we love”,they say. On the other side Parris studied metalsmithing, now she curates their fine jewellery line which is the mirror of all the duo’s collections, unadulterated and almost ethereal.

The fil rouge of their collections is seeking silhouettes’ purity and fabrics’ research, a kind of avantgarde in an affordable and close-to-everyday-life way.

There’s always something special in the sisters’ design pieces, and it’s not only the craftmanship, the taste and the delicacy they have in their hands, I think it’s just soul’s elegance.


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