Rejina Pyo and her architectural fashion world

Fashion and architecture. Is that possible? I mean, how could you bound clothes to constructions? Actually it’s not such a strange connection, it can create idiosyncratic effects, but avant-garde without any doubt. This Korean London based designer has found the perfect formula by adding her passion for modern art and architecture to her creations. 

In fact “Structural Mode” was the name of the exhibition she was commissioned to do by Hans Nefkens  for the Museum Bojimans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. These pieces of art standing out like dressed up colorful sculptures, give birth to a unique relationship between art, design and fashion without falling into banality, constantly with an eye on the future.

What is also captivating of Rejina, is her versatility. She does not only design clothes, but she’s launched an eyewear collection too, with the same philosophy. Structure, structure and again structure et un peu de finesse.

Photo by Agnes Lloyd Pratt

Minimal lines, purity in shapes, color blocks, simplicity and a mixture of eastern and western cultures: all these characteristics describe in a few words what’s the fashion world of this new emerging designer, who will surely have long life in the fashion system. 

Autumn Winter 2016. Photo by Nicole Maria Winkler

Spring Summer 2017. Photo by Rejina Pyo

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