Mansur Gavriel-Handmade minimalism

2012. Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel give birth to their New York designed and Italian-made brand. Main items are the bags, maybe the most beloved accessories by women. A bag can turn the saddest girl into the most thrilled lady of the world, that’s why the mantra behind Mansur Gavriel’s creations is: “happy girl, happy bag”. Practical design, colorful palette, minimal and elegant shapes, natural tanning and pure Made in Italy. Actually the ideal bag!

Thanks to their relentless improvements, the two designers launched shoe collections and are planning to dress women from head to toe, always focusing on small productions but with a high and exclusive quality, because that’s what makes a brand undeniably first class: supplying creations “which live with us”.

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  1. bytheseasideblog says:

    Love their bags!! deciding what colour combination to go with 🙂 Xx


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