Moto Guo, childish innocence for insightful fashion

Fashion is a means of narration. It is an unconventional way to transform experiences,feelings and emotions into clothes we can wear and therefore fully express ourselves. It’s not an easy task giving life to wearable stories, but that’s what Moto Guo, a young malaysian designer, easily does every day. With skill and mastery he shapes his imagination and transforms it into reality, shouting out his turmoils, worries and points of view. That’s why we find unconventionality and complexity in his creations: because they are a reflection of our intricate and almost unintelligible souls. Taking cue from childhood memories and social contemporary issues, Moto Guo is always trying to leave a mark with his collections, for example the fall/ winter 2014 “Out Like A Light” one, where he highlights his own life as a kid, battling obesity and nutrient imbalance. Surprising is the use of the garments which look like they are made to purposely look oversized on a regular, male frame: actually each particular has an important meaning behind it. Even the presence of soft, pyjama- like materials and slouchy silhouettes emphasizes the laziness of those sleep disorders he suffered from. A really intimate and representative collection of the person Moto Guo is.

Courage and boldness are the characteristics which instantly caught my attention. You’ll never say Moto Guo is commercial, and I think he doesn’t even want to hear it, because creative minds never want. It goes against their being. Oddity is what makes them unique.

I adore oddity.

As I saw one of the designs of his latest collection “The Pencil Pusher” at Pitti, I completely fell in love with his creativity.


A sticking out tongue jacket? It is an absolutely unexpectedly thought provoking and weird thing. That’s why I stood ten minutes in front of it trying to understand why a jacket should stick out tongue to me. Then, step by step, connecting all the pieces of the collection to the inspiration of it , the pencil pusher, I understood it’s a kind of capsizing of the boring and depressed life carried out by a monotonous office worker. Better to say: “this collection personally relates to me as a contemporary fashion designer who’s being a pencil pusher in a fantasy world. Dealing with tedious obligations such as paperwork, meetings, social interactions and the like is ultimately what I have got to do as a designer in order for my business to survive; I am nothing but a pencil pusher.” as Moto Guo says.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Continuously researching, looking for new techniques, materials,shapes and silhouettes, Mot Guo has a surprise in each piece of each collection he designs. An incredibly well- crafted usage of garments is the designer’s uneven “octopus suction cups” pleat, which is I think the highest expression of his craftmanship.

Still a child inside, with the wisdom of a man and the madness of an artist.

The perfect mix for a designer.


Moto Guo is maybe the first designer I encounter, who pushes limits by showing reality in its profoundest way.


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