ZDDZ London and the social issues designed by Dasha Selyanova

Humans live in a world  of insecurities, destabilisation and disintegration which are the result of the relations between different cultures, mentalities, theories, desires; the longing for hegemonies and the victory of power over weakness, transform people into invisible identities. Generally speaking, everybody is becoming a one-of-the-many and even if we are often reassured of our growing empowerment, we happen to feel the contrary, as we were drowning in a ploy of falsification and manipulation. Our society is the major responsible for this , but society is constructed by people themselves. The point I’m going to, is that, if we won’t change, the world won’t change by its own, if we don’t help  ourselves coping with it, nobody would do that.

We can do this in many ways: by dedicating our time to our passions or, in other words, to beautiful and satisfying things, such as art, for example. Or fashion, in this case.

A designer who touched the theme of depression and dissatisfaction is the russian Dasha Selyanova of ZDDZ London in the spring/summer 2016 collection, called “Help Yourself “. A reflection on teenage psychological problems and an incitement to overcome them, avoiding medicines, because the best pill is the power we have to fight against the things that drown us down.

An  innovative brand inspired by every kind of streetfashion influences, which  transforms fashion into a means of information, where clothes mirror social and political issues, reminding us that fashion is not only a fancy and funny way to live beautifully in a kind of golden realm, but a way of expressing harsh and caustic aspects of our complicated lives






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