Ivory-Vintage&Luxury: a dream for each woman

It’s not just a boutique, a vintage shop where everything is somehow chaotically stuffed, where you just buy and quickly leave. Actually it’s the glorification of taste, conceived and run with dedication by two graceful and refined ladies, Vendela and Silvia, apparently different, but brought together by the same passion for high quality vintage fashion and style. As a reference and an example for many, they always turn each woman into a queen with old-times-elegance, maintaining an aura of contemporaneity and freshness. This is their talent, selling vintage and making it innovative.

I’ve been attracted by their boutique for a long time, I could find there everything, starting from jewellery ending with hats, dresses, shoes and bags. A paradise for each woman. That’s why I thought I should dedicate a post to them and share with you their seductive, luxurious and fashionable little vintage world, obviuosly shot by Maestro Julian Lops, who caught the very soul of these creations, in one of the best locations in Piacenza: the Dubliner’s Irish Pub, an authentic place where one can always listen to good music, taste a good drink and feel the suffused and laid-back atmosphere of a real pub, by sharing laughs and a good company.

Follow Vendela and Silvia on Facebook Ivory-Vintage&Luxury and on their webstore Ivoryvintageluxury.tictail.com

All photos by Julian Lops : http://www.juzaphoto.com/me.php?p=1222&l=it

Vedela and Silvia, the two souls of Ivory-Vintage&Luxury
Vedela and Silvia, the two souls of Ivory-Vintage&Luxury


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  1. The way in which you write and the pictures reveal an outstanding and charming attention to details that is great and unique! Great job. Keep posting! 🙂


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