Michael Pretolani: the master of oddity

The first thing that caught my attention in this extraordinarily eccentric man is the way he can match different textures, patterns, colors, maintaining an own personal style without looking strange. In everything he wears there’s class and exquisite style. A rare quality not everybody has, called “personal taste”. This is what distinguishes fashion icons from fashionable people, the first ones play with fashion and aren’t just passively submitted to it as the last ones. Matteo Pretolani, called Michael by friends, is an artisan with a profound love for the handmade: “I’m passionate about the peculiar, the unequal, the diverse preserved and guaranteed by the craftsmanship”. Inspired by tradition, he gives life to a brand, G.a.v.e.t.t.a. , the expression of his world and view of fashion and as he calls it, an enlarged wardrobe of things he doesn’t find anywhere and fortunately can design by his own.

Grown up having his father as a style icon, he learned the love for fashion’s history, an element which is notably present in each piece Michael designs. What I mostly appreciate is his wish of keeping alive the sense of the Made in Italy and the capacity of being himself, extravagant, unmatchable, unreachable. We live in a world of conformism, where authenticity is almost non existent, where people are omologated and lose their uniqueness, where evolution is the only key of success….but I agree with Michael’s words: “sometimes to go ahead one must go backwards”. The idea of combining tradition with future is the new fashion philosophy, and Mr. Pretolani is expressing it unmistakably.

Long life to Michael and his work!

Photo Credits: The Sartorialist
Photo Credits: The Sartorialist
Photo Credits: Style Stalker
Photo Credits: Style Stalker
Photo Credits: Me outfit
Photo Credits: Me outfit


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