The gentlewoman

Thinking about women in the old times is as frustrating as it is seeing what many women are nowadays: either completely squeezed in unbearable corsets and thousands of metres of fabrics or totally naked. I hate both of these cultural evolutions in the women’s wardrobe. The first one because it is a social obligation, the second one because it’s like an unconscious compulsion to appear sexy and consequently attract men. Everything is banal when it is a constraint. That’s why I love icons such as Coco Chanel or Marlene Dietrich, they weren’t afraid of impositions and of what people may say. The only thing they wanted, was to express themselves and feel free in their clothes, because they knew it wasn’t a matter of gender, but of uniqueness and style. Every woman has the right to wear what she feels comfortable in, without being mockingly watched by the crowd. I personally adore menswear for its integrity and neatness, for that aura of nonchalance and wealth it emanates and this fact is often misunderstood or just ironically commented, because the society is used to see people catalogated and labeled: men masculine, women extremely feminin. So, considering that we live in the 21st century and we all should be emancipated and open-minded, I’ll go on affirming that suit up women are compellingly sexy.

Here’s how I interpreted my vision, captured by the one and only Maestro Julian Lops (soon an interview with him!) in a great location, Caffè dei Mercanti, in Piacenza. A coffe bar, a restaurant, a pub, a place where one can relax, catapultated in the past, in a vintage atmosphere amongst old radios, style icons’ photos and books of all sorts while drinking a coffe or a cocktail and chilling with friends.

Enjoy, and stay dapper. DSC_8608DSC_8633DSC_8643DSC_8682DSC_8714DSC_8762DSC_8750DSC_8772DSC_8789DSC_8812DSC_8817DSC_8874DSC_8905DSC_8926DSC_8765

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