Jillian Boustred on the relation between fashion and painting

“Fashion for me is an artistic expression and an opportunity for creativity. There are so many aspects of the fashion industry from the technical elements of garments, print and textiles to styling and fashion photography. It’s a really creative and expressive place to be and I think fashion is something that should be enjoyed and celebrated.”

Words each single fashion person should think and affirm.

Jillian Boustred is an australian designer and stylist with an art background and that’s what makes her stand out from the crowd. Her aim is to bring her personal artistic expression in fashion through the research on textiles and painting. A meticulous and subtle work on the basics of fashion, those ones which give life to clothes and wearable masterpieces. “I come from an art background and I love to paint and draw so I wanted to somehow incorporate that into my collection through textiles. I did my own paintings and then translated them into digital placement prints” , she explains. The fascinating thing is that her creations are 100% the product of her mind and vision. Shapes, textures, colors, fabrics. Everything is the result of a process of conception with a specific purpose, conciliate praticatility and creativity. “I wanted to convey art as well as touch on the notion of sportswear in fashion. I used mainly synthetic fabrics that allude to sportswear as I think that’s something which is really interesting and relevant at the moment. Synthetic fabrics are becoming really well developed and have a lot of properties that some natural fabrics can’t offer.” Focusing on the evolution of sportswear she keeps an eye on contemporary abstract artists such as “Dale Frank and Cy Twombly both of whom the use of paint and colour is an expressive form to create large scale emotive artworks. Inspiration was taken from this style of art and used to create my own artworks.” From this came out her latest collection, “Undercurrent”, like an attempt to stop and halt the natural movement of water by painting on fabrics. Simplicity and minimalism are the backbone of this collection, enriched by textures, materials and colors which form all together Jillian’s trademark.

Long life to Jillian and her contemporary creations. Fashion (not only) always needs people who keep art and culture alive.PITCH06_670jillian-boustred-artistic-debu39998paper12paper1paper2jillian-boustred-artistic-debu82548img8edit

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