Label2: the art of fashion

Discovering new ways of expression is always an exciting  and satisfying experience. Writing about people who draw these experiences from everyday life turning them into art, gives even better feelings. A sort of admiration and esteem. That’s what  an incredible fashion couple generated in me and that’s why I’m now sharing with you my point of view about their incredibly innovative brand. Serbian Alen Pinku and bosnian Andrea Popovic best represent what fashion means to me: hardwork, love of art, limitless creativity and social integration. The brand they founded together, Label2, reflects many aspects of their lives and cultures. “Fashion is our way of living”, they say. Actually, It is clearly visible how they merge their passions in each collection,design is one od them. ” We wanted to obtain unusual structures, so we’ve chosen neoprene as main material for our creations”. In fact, each piece they make is the result of a combination of fashion and design studies, a wearable sculpture, “simple in the lines, refined in the shapes. Like an art of construction”.unnamed (2)unnamed (4)unnamed (3)

Label2 jacket
Label2 jacket

What really conquers me is their highly sophisticated and cultured taste enriched by an immense respect for art and a multicultural view of fashion. Their last capsule collection “Emerging from the white” integrates  an israelian artist,Ted Barr, in their brand. White  visionary clothes become a canvas for his drawings, producing the same effect one feels in front of a painting, a questioning astonishment. This time a wearable painting.

“Emerging from the white” collaboration with Ted Barr

unnamed (14)unnamed (15)unnamed (17)

Everything which is connected to art, becomes immediately something you can wear. “Fashion is art” affirms Alen and I affirm that this is their talent: give life to art through fashion.

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