Jona Sees: the fashion alchemist

I constantly affirm that fashion isn’t only a business and a source of trends, or better to say,it shouldn’t be. Clothes have always had an incredible importance in society, but most of all in mirroring the self and it’s multiple facets. It is like painting, sculpting, singing, acting. Each form of art is an emotional, personal and creative outburst. So it is with fashion. One uses fabrics to create something which not only protects you,but embodies you.

That’s the reason I love sharing the works of visionary designers,who really make the difference for their exceptional craftsmanship and uncommon points of view.

This time I’d like to introduce Jona Sees,a New York based artist and designer. His InAisce experimental garment project attracted me from the first time I saw it, for it’s particular focus on the study of fabrics. Natural elements play a fundamental role in his collections, intertwined with almost architectural shapes and cultural deeply rooted reminiscences of Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and other places he visited and that live in his mind. His entire inner world is reembodied in his creations.1511176_660889920630219_1087684389_n538131_507527772633102_24528177_n10998013_886253008093908_5131205745260101077_n10418988_886252714760604_4340281614831754183_n10983390_886252711427271_1919564809986313940_n

A continuous emphasis on research,high quality and difference. This is not a brand,it hasn’t that devouted yearning for glamour,consumerism and materialism, rather it aspires to grow into a stable, ahead of the times,multifaceted project which involves great artistry and imagination. Actually Jona did not only made studies on garments but on materials such as metal too. His work represents a complete view of what each designer/ artist should do: give life to something unique with your own hands … and the hands of an artisan had always been magical.10987387_886253288093880_5763094556336399967_n

I’d call him the fashion alchemist

“Chemical sunset”

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