Fashion is not only banal and conformist beauty, perfection or fairness, but as a form of art,fashion is much more than this… it implies oddity, inexplicable sensations and different ways of thinking and creating.

We see in this society an increasing materialism and conformism which destroys all our values and the uniqueness which distinguishes each one of us. Everybody wants to be part of the crowd, just for the feeling of belonging and not being alone. That’s obviously the easiest way of surviving in this mad world.

On the other side we see many people struggling for the authenticity,these are the ones who don’t care about the questioning gazes of the masses, who still have a glimpse of spirituality yearning for a full and profound experience of life.

Is it tough? Yes,it is. Maybe that’s why people escape this hard way of living….but I think it is the most thrilling and fulfilling one, where you can discover what remains a mystery to many others.

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