L’altroSport: one store, two souls

Femininity and sportsmanship give life to L’altroSport, a place for those who combine fashion and comfort, style and simplicity, a store full of energy, vitality and womanliness. A concept characterized by the love for outdoor activities, freshness and contemporaneity. So if you’re looking for something which could reflect your most lively and ironic part,this store is the right one!
Valentina, the store manager, and me selected some of the friskiest outfits you can find there. I shared this exciting experience with lovely Rodica Oprea, the talented photographer I interviewed some months ago, because only her refined and audacious taste could interpret this store’s eclectic mood. Enjoy and dive into this summery spirit!


DSC_0410 as Smart Object-1

Swedish Hasbeens clogs
Swedish Hasbeens clogs

DSC_0434 as Smart Object-1

For a gritty,happy-go-lucky and active woman wearing vitaminic colors,ironic prints and freshy fabrics!

DSC_0441 as Smart Object-1
Radish prints for Ottod’ame


DSC_0461 as Smart Object-1

Romantic and bon ton,seductive and introspective, self-confident and fragile at the same time. A daydreamer on all accounts.

DSC_0494 as Smart Object-1
Sweater: Solochiara; Polka dots dress: Nice Things; Clogs: Swedish Hasbeens
DSC_0500 as Smart Object-1
Swedish Hasbeens clogs
DSC_0470 as Smart Object-1
Peuterey jacket
Peuterey jacket’s details

DSC_0518 as Smart Object-1DSC_0523 as Smart Object-1DSC_0528 as Smart Object-1DSC_0524 as Smart Object-1

Activewear is the strong point of this store: from running and trekking wear to hiking and skiing wear. Everything for each adventurous and adrenalinic occasion of your lives!

DSC_0536 as Smart Object-1
Windproof jacket,sweatshirt,shorts: Salomon; Trail running shoes: Salomon Speedcross 3
DSC_0557 as Smart Object-1
Total look Salomon
DSC_0584 as Smart Object-1
Salomon activewear

DSC_0539 as Smart Object-1DSC_0565 as Smart Object-1DSC_0569 as Smart Object-1DSC_0603 as Smart Object-1

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