Rodica Oprea and her intimate vision of photography

Reality is sometimes intolerably vague and unintelligible, chaotic and monotonous,the biggest mistery in our lives. Nevertheless there’s something which rocks the boat and unearths the hidden: imagination. It is inexplicable,because it’s a personal and unique feeling, a way to protect ourselves and take refuge in an invented (better) world. That’s why everybody has a secret imaginery shelter…someone expresses it in a special way: by exploring art and its innumerable facets. Actually what deeply influences our minds, open-mindedness and ideas, are those things which give space to our self expression, i.e. art. There are infinite explanations,or better to say,interpretations of this concept.

“For me photography is the story of my emotions and views,of my world,of myself. It’s an outburst,a refuge from the mundane”

Rodica in a selfportrait

That’s how Rodica Oprea, a moldavian 19 year old student who lives in Italy, illustrates her passion for photography,which hopefully will turn into profession.

As I started browsing her portfolio, I felt immediately a thrill. I didn’t think, I was just absorbed by the sensation radiated by her works…..they were surely the effect of an immense power: the talent of an artist for leaving a mark in people’s souls.

From the series "Monsters inside my head"
From the series “Monsters inside my head”

A rare capacity to bring you into a magic, mystic, almost spiritual dimension, where the engine that moves this overworldly photography is the reflection of a humble and sensitive inner being, part of a subtle research of the unknown, an odd state of mind, a dreamy and surreal perception of the world.

“Monsters inside my head”
“Monsters inside my head”

“I usually draw inspiration from films, books, paintings, magazines, literature and from iconic photographers such as Henri-Cartier Bresson, Capa, Salgado and so on.”

A real artist on all accounts, eclectic, curious, various but with a specific aesthetics: the innocence and the purity,without any flamboyant excess.

"Monsters inside my head"
“Monsters inside my head”


I really believe, the means art offers us, is a precious and unequaled gift that we can use to protest, to shock, to amaze, to amuse or to make others think and share a personal point of view. Sometimes it’s just done for art’s sake and in those moments one just feels completely and freely at ease.


Is there a particularly important photo for you,the one you feel closer to yourself?

Tha answer to this question was this photo


” Here I’m laid bare. This image mirrors the most intimate and pure part of my personality and represents the brightest and most angelic aspect of photography.”

Everytime I have a little talk with an artist, I feel pleased and honoured just because I think the exchanging of thoughts and opinions composes the most interesting moments of our lives. The one I enjoyed spending with Rodica is one of those: unearthly joyful, unadulterated, profoundly heartfelt and extremely creative. Only real talents can offer such feelings, and Rodica will certainly make the difference.

"Each book we read is a step to discover the world"
“Each book we read is a step to discover the world”



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